Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

Kopi Luwak coffee every time

So, what makes Coffee Luwak so special?

We believe we produce the finest, rarest, most natural and unblemished Kopi Luwak in the world.

Every bean of Kopi Luwak collected on our estate is from wild jungle civet cats.
Our plantation is surrounded by thousands of acres of untouched Sumatran rainforest with civet cats roaming free.

What my partners and I have learnt about the civet cat and the environment they feel comfortable in we have learnt through a passionate interest. We have learnt to create a civet cat garden by leaving room on our plantation for native fruit and berry trees so that the luwaks diet is conducive to creating unique flavours in our Kopi Luwak.

We are growers and nurture a very high grade Arabica plantation. We have been in no rush to release our Kopi Luwak to consumers rather we have been studying Luwak, their skat and habitat for the past 8 half years on Mandailing Estate, our own plantation. Our most important roll is to work respectfully within the natural environment of Mandailing and to maintain the natural jungle.

From our studies we have learnt that there is a formula that contributes enormously to final result, the cupping of a true wild Kopi Luwak.