Senin, 29 November 2010

Luwak Coffee from Indonesia

Luwak Coffee is one of the coffee list of the most enjoyable and most sought after. The price in the world market soared. 635 U.S. dollars must be spent to get one kg of Luwak Coffee. In America itself, for Luwak Coffee tasting, we had to spend 50 U.S. dollars, when in the rupiah exchange rate, prices range from approximately 400-500 thousand rupiah for Luwak Coffee. ONLY FOR ONE CUP! It is equivalent to the price of two ribs Toni Romas, who worth 200 thousand per plate. Figures are fantastic just to sip a cup of Luwak Coffee. Coffee is generally harvested first and then seeds harvested when ripe. Meanwhile, the plucking process Luwak coffee, in a way is a bit disgusting. When the beans are ripe to make Luwak Coffee, the farmers took off Luwak or Civet (a type of Luwak or civet) to eat the seeds - seeds that fell, which will process become Luwak Coffee. After that they waited for the Luwak to throw dirt. Well! Luwak Coffee beans that come out along with the dirt that's Civet taken for further processing become Luwak coffee.